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IMG_4074.JPGOn March 2, Above All Else director, John Fiege, participated in Austin Film Festival's "Conversations in Film: Making Your Feature Film" event, which included a panel discussion with directors who have successfully experienced the difficult journey of making an independent feature-length film.

John spoke to a packed audience at the George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center in Austin, Texas about his experiences directing and producing his first feature-length documentary, Mississippi Chicken, which details the plight of immigrant workers in the poultry industry. He also explained the rewards and the struggles of creating documentaries for modern audiences, while sharing details about his upcoming documentary film, Above All Else, which follows the story of a group of Texans who waged a direct action campaign against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

"In making documentary films," John remarked during the panel discussion, "I am constantly in the position of having to decide whether to push hard to get an important shot or to stop filming in order to preserve my ability to shoot another day—whether it’s to avoid getting arrested, to protect the safety of the people I’m filming, or to maintain the many relationships necessary to produce a film." 

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ABOVE ALL ELSE reveals the hidden story of how the Keystone XL pipeline battle in East Texas built a community of resistance to the climate crisis in America.